Take a look at two of our many positive testimonials:

​​"Hi Sheila & Sarah! The girls had a blast! So many commented that they thought it was going to be just another boring presentation, but were pleasantly surprised that they got to get up and dance! They said that putting the ideas to actions really cemented them into their brains…and many repeated what PAVE stood for on Monday when I asked them to write thank you notes! I really appreciated how open and real you were with the girls and how you reached them through humor and using their language. You made something that can be a scary discussion fun and empowering!" 
- Nicole, Explorations PHP

"...the responses from my girls were extremely positive on your days here. Many wrote that they are looking forward to you coming back and that it was extremely helpful for them. Especially, some of our more quiet students, you seemed to reach…so THANK YOU!!!! This is a tough stage in all kids’ lives, you gave some of our female students strategies to cope with it. Thank you. Look forward to seeing you again ..."

Pamela E.T Richardson Middle School
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      ​Their love of dance brought Co-founders

Sarah Carkner and Sheila Turner together

but their passion for empowering women of all ages to ascend boundaries and pro-actively create a fabulous life is what has lead to the creation of

 Females Ascending Boundaries

a.k.a F.A.B. Women.  

Rates of depression and anxiety are at an all time high while self-esteem and self-resiliency

are at an all time low.

F.A.B. is on a mission to reverse these statistics.

F.A.B.'s dynamic personal development programs not only give participants the tools needed to successfully cope with life's challenges but the experience is so much fun participants leave feeling elated, inspired, and can't wait to put what they've learned into action.

How do they do it?

Sarah and Sheila have over 20 years of empowerment experience

sharing their motivational expertise with a wide range of clients including:

The Wistar Institute, Children Hospital of Philadelphia, Bancorp, The Hankin Group, ​United Security Systems, Neuman University,

Cabrini College, The Moyer Foundation,

WNPR Radio, The Center for Spiritual Living, 

Mind Body Spirit Expo, 

The Anderson Cooper Show, ​Navigating Your Life with Nat Williams, ​and so many more.

 Together we are Females Ascending Boundaries!