F.A.B. Women 
emales Ascending Boundaries

We believe very strongly in our mission to foster empowerment and promote action toward personal development in all aspects of an individual's life.

Join us as we come together to 
 shift old paradigms that have held us back
from being and feeling anything less than fabulous! 

The Dalai Lama said "The world will be saved by western women." and we couldn't agree more. F.A.B. Women was created to inspire women to fully engage in life, to help them tap into their strengths, and to urge them to face life's challenges head on allowing them to  make their unique and significant contribution to the world.

We do this by offering a variety of fun and empowering events throughout the year and by ascending the boundaries of your typical
personal development lecture, delivering quality content with our lively and motivating presentations.

Keynote Signature Programs:

Become F.A.B.- How to Rise Above Life's Challenges.

Gain control and confidence by learning the three crucial steps that will help you rise above any challenge that comes your way.  Facing fears, changing attitudes, and questioning your beliefs is the foundation of what it means to be a F.A.B. Woman.

Boost Your Personal P.O.W.E.R. 

Receive essential strategies on how to tap into your resiliency. These strategies can be applied immediately and are for audiences of all ages. This program was created in response to the increasing amount of cutting and teen suicide sweeping the nation. Confidence-boosting, increasing self-worth and adopting a healthy body image are at the core of this program.

Self-Defense: P.A.V.E  Your Way to Personal Safety

Learn the essential skills, tips and techniques for protecting yourself. Basic physical moves are demonstrated with the emphasis on real-life discussions about avoiding dangerous situations, trusting your gut, protecting personal property and using technology to your advantage. P.A.V.E. is about PREVENTION!

We at F.A.B. Women are eager to do our part to facilitate positive change in the world. Please join our community by visiting our Contact page and filling out the form.

If you would like us to present to your population
and share in an experience that is sure to
engage, motivate, transform, and delight then
contact us at info@fab-women.com 
for more information on how to bring the F.A.B. experience
to your community, school, or work environment.

Together we are ascending boundaries! 
~Sarah and Sheila





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