Confidence. Competence. Energy. Purpose. Power. Vitality.

F.A.B. gets people moving and excited so their minds are open to learning important information about how to live productive, confident, resilient lives.

F.A.B. Fun Ascending Boundaries

Making personal



Are you looking to unify your population and create an unforgettable experience at your next party or special event? That's F.A.B.!


Personal Success Specialists, Sarah Carkner and Sheila Turner, have over 20 years of motivational experience sharing their personal development expertise with a wide range of clients including: The Wistar Institute, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Bancorp, The Hankin Group, ​United Security Systems, Neumann University, Cabrini College, The Moyer Foundation, WNPR Radio, The Center for Spiritual Living, The Mind Body Spirit Expo, The Anderson Cooper Show, ​Navigating Your Life with Nat Williams, ​and so many more!


Are you looking for an inspirational and  memorable  kick off to start your next conference or for a lively mid-day team building energizer? That's F.A.B.!​


Are you looking to provide your students, sports team, or faculty with a dynamic personal development experience that will build self-esteem and enhance team cohesion? That's F.A.B.!