F.A.B. Women 
emales Ascending Boundaries

We believe very strongly in our mission to foster empowerment and promote action toward personal development in all aspects of an individual's life. 

We are females coming together to ascend boundaries and shift the old paradigms that have held us back from being and feeling anything less than fabulous!  

We do this by combining personal development with fitness through our Motivational Speaking Events, our 6 Week Fitness Programs, and via our ever expanding Online Community.

The Dalai Lama said "The world will be saved by western woman," and F.A.B couldn't agree more. As F.A.B Women we join together to not only workout our body, but to develop our mind, lighten our spirit, and have a blast! 

In todays busy world F.A.B is like having a life coach, a girls night out and a personal trainer all rolled into one. Give us one hour and we will help you feel F.A.B.

Together we are ascending boundaries! 
-Sarah and Sheila

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