Females Ascending Boundaries

Move over therapy, here comes F.A.B. Women Fitness!!!
F.A.B. Women Fitness takes your workout and infuses it with Personal Development!
A More Fabulous YOU: Mind, Body and Spirit

Exercise + Personal Development = F.A.B. Women Fitness!

The cornerstone of F.A.B. Women Fitness is our trademarked fitness events. These events are the 1st and ONLY of its kind to combine Fitness AND Personal Development into your MOST FULFILLING WORKOUT EVER! Not only will you get an effective workout for your body, but your mind will be stretched and strengthened as well.

In today's busy world, we provide the most convenient and fun way to get the health benefits of physical fitness combined with the inspirational and motivational benefits of personal development.

We are Females Ascending Boundaries -
Creating a fun, healthy fulfilling community of women who want to live a F.A.B.ulous Life!

Here's What to Expect:

  • Meet & Greet / Sponsor & Professionals Preview
  • Warm Up (Get ready to move!)
  • Cardio Fun!
  • F.A.B. Flow with Inspirational Words (Strengthen your body)
  • F.A.B.irmations! (Time for some memorable & entertaining affirmations)
  • Cool Down with Words to Remember (Stretch & Reflect)
  • Book Signings / Sponsor & Professional Meet & Greet

It's Fabulous!

It’s women empowering women to be the best they can be.
It’s women putting time aside to take care of themselves so they can take better care of others.
It’s women accepting, embracing and forgiving themselves in a positive, healthy way.
It’s women moving forward with confidence
It’s women showing the next generation of women how to let go of fears and be F.A.B. fit!

What is F.A.B.?

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